Incineration and landfil policy in Flanders

Categories: Construction Material, Biogenic fraction, Legal, Paper, Metal, Economic, Glass, Plastic, Recycling, EEE, Wood

Organisation: Flemish government

Main partners:

  • OVAM – Flemish Waste Management Agency

Localisation: Flanders (BE)


The Flemish Government implements incineration and landfill restrictions. As a result, landfilling of bio-waste, unsorted waste, separated waste suitable for recycling and combustible waste are banned. Incineration of separated waste streams and unsorted waste are also banned.

Wiener Tafel project on food distribution service

Categories: Biogenic fraction, Technical and Research, Waste Prevention

Organisation: Wiener Tafel

Localisation: Vienna (Austria)


The Wiener Tafel is a food distribution service which was founded in 1999 in Vienna, Austria, following the German example of such as service, Die Tafeln.

Terra à Terra project on home composting

Categories: Biogenic fraction, Waste Prevention, Communication and Education

Organisation: LIPOR - Intermunicipal Waste Management of Greater Porto

Localisation: Greater Porto (Portugal)


In 2007, LIPOR (Porto inter-municipality) set up “Terra à Terra – Home Composting Project” that aims to promote organic waste reduction at households, schools, institutions and companies of Lipor’s Municipalities.

Small scale in vessel composting

Categories: Biogenic fraction, Waste Prevention, Technical and Research

Organisation: Sweden

Localisation: Sweden


Since 2005 it is prohibited in Sweden to deposit bio waste at landfills. The separate collection and treatment target is 35% of the municipal bio waste by 2010, including home composting.