The Highland real nappy programme

Categories: Technical and Research, Communication and Education, Reuse and preparing for reuse, Other Fractions

Organisation: Highland Real Nappy Project (HNRP)

Localisation: Highland Council area (UK)


The Highland Real Nappy Project (HNRP) started in November 2001 and has built up a network of dedicated and experienced volunteers who promote the benefits of real nappy use across the Highland Council area.

Terra à Terra project on home composting

Categories: Biogenic fraction, Waste Prevention, Communication and Education

Organisation: LIPOR - Intermunicipal Waste Management of Greater Porto

Localisation: Greater Porto (Portugal)


In 2007, LIPOR (Porto inter-municipality) set up “Terra à Terra – Home Composting Project” that aims to promote organic waste reduction at households, schools, institutions and companies of Lipor’s Municipalities.

Self service detergent in large retail

Categories: Technical and Research, Waste Prevention, Plastic, Communication and Education

Organisation: Piemonte region

Localisation: Piemonte region (Italy)


In July 2005, the Piemonte region launched the Self Service Detergents Project in order to reduce detergents packaging waste production.

Reusable nappies subsidy scheme in Leuven

Categories: Eco Consumption, Technical and Research, Communication and Education, Other Fractions

Organisation: Inter-municipality EcoWerf

Localisation: EcoWerf, Flanders region (Belgium)


For years now the inter-municipality EcoWerf promotes, with the support from the province of Flemish Brabant, the reusable diaper. Already 16 municipalities, part of EcoWerf, currently financially support the purchase of diapers.