Incineration and landfil policy in Flanders

Categories: Construction Material, Biogenic fraction, Legal, Paper, Economic, Metal, Glass, Plastic, EEE, Recycling, Wood

Organisation: Flemish government

Main partners:

  • OVAM – Flemish Waste Management Agency

Localisation: Flanders (BE)


The Flemish Government implements incineration and landfill restrictions. As a result, landfilling of bio-waste, unsorted waste, separated waste suitable for recycling and combustible waste are banned. Incineration of separated waste streams and unsorted waste are also banned.

Sofa project on second hand furniture

Categories: Metal, Glass, Reuse and preparing for reuse, Plastic, EEE, Wood, Other bulky items

Organisation: SOFA Project

Localisation: Bristol (UK)


“SOFA Project” was founded in Bristol in 1982 as the 'Shifting Old Furniture Around' project and has flourished ever since. “SOFA Project” is a social enterprise that supplies second hand furniture, household goods and domestic electrical appliances to people in conditions of need.

RUSZ Repair and service center Vienna

Categories: Metal, Technical and Research, Glass, Reuse and preparing for reuse, Plastic, EEE, Wood, Other bulky items

Organisation: R.U.S.Z. - Reparatur und Service Zentrum

Localisation: Vienna (Austria)


Since 1998, Vienna supports financially the repair center R.U.S.Z. – Reparatur und Service Zentrum. At the R.U.S.Z. WEEE products diverted from shredder treatment are collected and repaired. Electronic waste that can be repaired is reused and sold as second hand equipment.

Mobile civic amenity sites in Ile-de-France

Categories: Metal, Glass, Technical and Research, Plastic, Reuse and preparing for reuse, Recycling, EEE, Wood, Other bulky items

Organisation: SYELOM – Hauts-de-Seine Syndicate for the treatment of household waste

Main partners:

  • SITA
  • Municipalities and local authorities

Localisation: Haut-de-Seine (FR)


This initiative focuses on the implementation of a network of mobile civic amenity sites for the municipalities wishing to offer this service to their population.