Education project on paper waste in primary schools

Categories: Paper, Metal, Eco Consumption, Glass, Waste Prevention, Plastic, Communication and Education

Organisation: LIPOR - Intermunicipal Waste Management of Greater Porto

Localisation: Portugal


The “Re-Agir Project” was an environmental education project implemented by LIPOR – Intermunicipal Waste Management of Greater Porto, addressed to primary schools, which aimed to develop initiatives to promote community participation in educational actions environmental awareness and involve families in this context

Dematerialisation through ICT in Manresa

Categories: Paper, Eco Consumption, Waste Prevention, Technical and Research

Organisation: Manresa City Council

Localisation: Manresa, Catalonia, Spain


In 2007, the Territorial Area of Manresa City Council (Catalonia) commanded a research study “Ent, Environment and Management” to analyze the sources of paper waste and to evaluate the effectiveness of paper waste reduction via dematerialisation.

Ban on one way packaging at retailer’ counters

Categories: Paper, Legal, Technical and Research, Waste Prevention, Plastic

Organisation: FCD (Fédération des Entreprises du Commerce et de la Distribution = Federation of Entreprises of Trade and Distribution)

Localisation: France


The Federation of enterprises of trade and distribution (FCD) aims at a ban on all one-way packaging at the counters by 2011.

Ban of disposable packaging at large-scale events in Germany

Categories: Paper, Legal, Waste Prevention, Plastic

Organisation: Institute for ecology Gießen/Marburg and Municipality of Korbach

Localisation: Korbach, State of Hesse, Germany


The Hessentag (Hessian Day) is an annual event, both fair and festival, organized by the German state of Hesse. In 1997, one of the measures implemented was the ban on disposable packaging for the whole event.