Packaging waste reduction campaign in Vicenza

Categories: Paper, Metal, Glass, Waste Prevention, Communication and Education, Plastic

Organisation: Municipalities of Suzzara, Mogliano Veneto and Valdagno (Italy)

Localisation: Suzzara, Mogliano and Valdagno (Italy)


The municipalities of Suzzara, Mogliano Veneto and Valdagno in Italy have developed a packaging waste reduction campaign with the help of a communication company « Achab group ». The retailers had to adopt at least 3 waste reduction practices.

Office dematerialisation in Brussels Region

Categories: Paper, Waste Prevention, Technical and Research, Energy

Organisation: Brussels Environment (IBGE-BIM)

Localisation: Brussels Capital Region (Belgium)


At the end of 2003, the Brussels Administration for Environment (IBGE-BIM) initiated a “Program of office dematerialisation actions” aiming to reduce office paper and energy consumption.

Underground containers for selective collection in Ile-de-France

Categories: Paper, Metal, Glass, Technical and Research, Plastic, Recycling

Organisation: Syndicat Emeraude – Montmorency Valley Syndicate for the treatment of household waste

Main partners:

  • Eco-Emballages – French producer’s responsability organisation for packaging
  • Municipalities

Localisation: Montmorency Valley (FR)


To overcome difficulties linked with high density and vertical housing, the first underground containers in this area were implemented in 2006 as a pilot project. Following the success of the pilot action, there was an increasing demand on the territory.

Paper waste collection in Odense

Categories: Paper, Technical and Research, Recycling

Organisation: Odense Waste Management Company

Main partners:

  • Odense municipality

Localisation: Odense (DK)


Paper waste door-to-door collection has been implemented since 2003 in order to offer an easy way for the citizens to get rid of their paper waste, replacing the traditional collection via bring banks and civic amenity sites.