Mobile civic amenity sites in Ile-de-France

Categories: Metal, Glass, Technical and Research, Plastic, Reuse and preparing for reuse, Recycling, EEE, Wood, Other bulky items

Organisation: SYELOM – Hauts-de-Seine Syndicate for the treatment of household waste

Main partners:

  • SITA
  • Municipalities and local authorities

Localisation: Haut-de-Seine (FR)


This initiative focuses on the implementation of a network of mobile civic amenity sites for the municipalities wishing to offer this service to their population.

Improving bulky waste sorting centres performances in Ile-de-France

Categories: Metal, Glass, Technical and Research, Reuse and preparing for reuse, Plastic, Recycling, EEE, Wood, Other bulky items

Organisation: SYCTOM - Paris metropolitan area's syndicate for the treatment of household waste

Main partners:

  • Private companies operating the bulky waste sorting centres
  • Municipalities members of the SYCTOM

Localisation: Paris metropolitan area (FR)


This initiative presents the different steps that were taken by the SYCTOM to increase the recovery rate of bulky waste over the past 10 years. It will especially focus on the modifications brought to the sorting processes, with the use of pre-sorting centres to remove part of the contamination.

Gypsum to gypsum project

Categories: Construction Material, Eco Production, Legal, Economic, Waste Prevention, Technical and Research, Communication and Education, Reuse and preparing for reuse, Recycling, Industrial and Territorial Ecology, Collaborative Economy

Organisation: EUROGYPSUM, The European Association of plaster and plasterboard manufacturers

Main partners:


  • National Technical University of Athens – Greece
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Spain


  • Fundación Gómez Pardo –LOEMCO – Spain Consulting agency
  • Recovering SARL – France

Demolition companies

  • Occamat – France
  • Cantillon Ltd – UK
  • Recycling assistance BVBA – Belgium
  • Pinault & Gapaix – France
  • KS Engineering – Germany

Recycling companies

  • New West Gypsum Recycling Benelux BVBA – Belgium
  • Gips Recycling Denmark A/S – Denmark

Gypsum manufacturing companies

  • Placoplâtre SA (Saint Gobain group) – France
  • Siniat SA – France
  • Siniat Ltd – UK
  • Knauf Gips KG – Germany
  • NV Saint Gobain Construction Products Belgium SA (Gyproc) – Belgium

Localisation: Pilot projects: 1) Belgium: Brussels and Antwerp; 2) France: Paris and Vaujours; 3) France: Levallois Perret and Auneuil; 4) Germany: Graben and Iphofen; the Netherlands: Werkendam; 5) UK: London, Avonmouth and Bristol


The GtoG project focused on eight EU target countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK); estimating that around 1,150,000 tons of plasterboard waste was generated in 2012. In most of these European countries, a low recycling rate of gypsum waste was observed. The aim of the GtoG project was to produce plasterboard with up to 30% content of recycled gypsum coming from both production and C&D waste.

Waste awareness campaigns for children in Tallinn

Categories: Biogenic fraction, Paper, Eco Consumption, Metal, Glass, Waste Prevention, Communication and Education, Plastic, Reuse and preparing for reuse, EEE, Recycling

Organisation: Municipality of Tallinn

Main partners:

  • Kindergartens and schools in the City of Tallinn and Harju County
  • MTÜ Eesti Taaskasutusorganisatsioon (EPRO)
  • Estonian PackCycling (EPC)/Eesti Pakendiringlus
  • Kesto OÜ
  • Estonian foundation Environmental Investment Centre

Localisation: Estonia (EE)


Waste Wolf (in Estonian Prügihunt) is the City of Tallinn’s waste awareness campaign, which was organized since 2003. The waste awareness mascot also bears the same name. The goal of the campaign is to make the behaviour of the residents of Tallinn more environmentally friendly. Public events, competitions, information seminars and public surveys are carried out within the framework of the waste awareness campaign, and excursions to landfills and waste stations are organized.