Textiles waste prevention in North Wales

Categories: Technical and Research, Waste Prevention, Reuse and preparing for reuse, Other bulky items

Organisation: Cylch (Wales Community Recycling Network)

Localisation: North Wales (UK)


Cylch (Wales Community Recycling Network) is operating a pilot scheme in North Wales with the objective to reduce the amount of textiles going to landfill, and to ensure that communities benefit from textiles reuse and recycling.

Small scale in vessel composting

Categories: Biogenic fraction, Waste Prevention, Technical and Research

Organisation: Sweden

Localisation: Sweden


Since 2005 it is prohibited in Sweden to deposit bio waste at landfills. The separate collection and treatment target is 35% of the municipal bio waste by 2010, including home composting.

Self service detergent in large retail

Categories: Waste Prevention, Technical and Research, Communication and Education, Plastic

Organisation: Piemonte region

Localisation: Piemonte region (Italy)


In July 2005, the Piemonte region launched the Self Service Detergents Project in order to reduce detergents packaging waste production.

Reusable nappies subsidy scheme in Leuven

Categories: Eco Consumption, Technical and Research, Communication and Education, Other Fractions

Organisation: Inter-municipality EcoWerf

Localisation: EcoWerf, Flanders region (Belgium)


For years now the inter-municipality EcoWerf promotes, with the support from the province of Flemish Brabant, the reusable diaper. Already 16 municipalities, part of EcoWerf, currently financially support the purchase of diapers.