Main partners:

Main company partners are 21 anchor firms and technology providers such as (full list from the ECO3 web site):

Main public partners are:

Localisation: Nokia, Tampere region, Finland

Population: 33,288 (2017)

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ECO3 Circular Economy Business Area in Tampere Region

Action leader(s)

Verte Oy (public company owned by municipality of Nokia)


ECO3 is a business park located in the Kolmenkulma business park in the border area between the cities of Nokia, Tampere and Ylöjärvi. The core of the industrial activity is being formed from bio- and circular economy companies which activities offer possibilities to many other tech and service companies in the bio- and circular economy, water-economy and energy field. From this area of independent organizations, a new creative ecosystem has developed, which exceeds traditional sector boundaries, and in which one person’s waste is another’s commodity. ECO3 works simultaneously as a demonstration and pilot environment, which is developed by co-operating with both domestic and foreign companies, as well as universities.