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Localisation: Brussels Region (Belgium)

Population: 1,205,309 (2018)

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Greenlab program for green business in Brussels

Action leader(s) (Brussels Agency for Business Support)


Greenlab (previously BSE Academy) has been created to develop the circular economy in the Brussels-Capital Region and create sustainable jobs. It is an “accelerator programme” for projects covering various areas in circular economy such as upcycling, renewable energy, economy of service functionality, sustainable food and many others with a focus on projects that have a technological component. takes care of the academy’s day-to-day running: over a six-month period, around 15 business start-ups (of 1-4 people with complementary profiles) receive guidance and support from itself and various experts and coaches. The aim of greenlab is to ensure that by the end of the programme those start-ups have a pilot project tested as well as a business plan and a financial plan in place.