Main partners:

  • Ecores
  • 5 firms (Solvay, ZF company, Buzzz Maxi Pesca, Rigobert, etc.)

Localisation: Brussels (Belgium)

Population: 1,175,173 (2015)

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Irisphere project (Industrial Symbiosis) in Brussels

Action leader(s) - Brussels Regional Development Agency (helps businesses find sites in the Brussels-Capital Region. It also builds private homes as part of urban renewal projects)


As part of an Interreg IVB project (C2C BIZZ), and its technical sub-contractor EcoRes addressed material and energy flows on a business site, at company level. New ‘material’ matches were made between companies on site. The experiences were used to develop the Continuous Loop Tool, a database for companies where they can add their waste materials and the resources they need in order to find matches. The Irisphere program will continue after the end of C2C BIZZ on a larger scale thanks to the ERDF.