This webinar focused on the role of public authorities in supporting SME’s in their transition to a circular economy. It discussed different aspects of the demands made from public authorities, as well as the support public authorities can provide for SME’s. The webinar covered topics such as behavioural change initiatives, infrastructure helpful for SMEs in this transition, and business support schemes public authorities can launch in an effort to drive the move towards a circular economy.


  • Introduction (Marion Courtois, ACR+)
  • The role of local and regional authorities in the transition towards a circular economy (Dirk Holemans, Think Tank Oikos, Gent)
  • Infrastructure for the transition to Circular Economy (Jean-Marc Bryskere, Directeur, Greenbizz Brussels)
  • Call for circular projects (Catherine Vanderstichelen, Bruxelles Environnement)
  • Support methodologies (Zero Waste Scotland)
  • Questions & answers
  • Conclusion and additional information


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