Improving the general knowledge and sharing tools, experience and good practices through a close collaboration is at the heart of the Circular Europe Network activities. Members are continuously involved in various activities, including publications and meetings.

These activities are closely followed by an Advisory Committee composed of various experts, which varies depending on the topic, for instance representatives of Unilever, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), and the University College of London (UCL), etc. In order to collect and analyse information, ACR+ also cooperate with experts from national platforms on circular economy, for instance WRAP and Zero Waste Scotland in the UK, the French Institute for Circular Economy or the “Fundación para la economía circular” based in Spain.


Meetings and Working Groups

Within the Circular Europe Network, ACR+ is holding workshops and meetings for ACR+ members on topics related to circular economy planning. In addition, ACR+ has launched three working groups involving some of its front-runner members on the topics of governance, monitoring and circular procurement.