Amsterdam information based waste collection

Categories: Technical and Research, Recycling, Paper, Metal, Glass, Plastic, Wood

Organisation: City of Amsterdam

Localisation: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)


Amsterdam is developing and testing the mechanism of object detection to recognize the littering of waste. Images are collected, processed and labelled with specific labels. These labels can be used to decide which service should be sent to solve the detected wrongdoings.

Civic amenity sites access control in Gijon

Categories: Technical and Research, Recycling, Other bulky items

Organisation: EMULSA

Localisation: Gijon, Asturias (Spain)


The civic amenity sites access control is a project for controlling the access of citizens and companies and the amount of products that they deliver in three civic amenity sites of Gijon.

Catalan eco-vouchers programme

Categories: Economic, Technical and Research, Eco Design, Eco Production, Eco Consumption, Waste Prevention, Reuse and preparing for reuse, Product Service Systems

Organisation: - Government of Catalonia (Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ) and Department of Business and Knowledge

Localisation: Catalonia (Spain)


The Catalan Eco-Vouchers Programme aims to improve SMEs’ environmental performance and competitiveness through innovative and circular solutions. The vouchers give access to a number of eco-innovation services to improve eco-design and foster the transition to new business models.

Design for disassembly in Central Denmark

Categories: Technical and Research, Eco Design, Eco Production, Reuse and preparing for reuse, Recycling, Construction Material, Other Fractions

Organisation: Central Denmark Region

Main partners:

Localisation: Central Denmark Region (DK)


Design for Disassembly is a pilot project addressing Circular Economy/ Cradle to Cradle in Central Denmark with specific focus on optimizing design of pure materials and products through cooperations along value chains. The project targets small and medium-sized manufacturing companies from all industries in Central Denmark Region.