The Mienskipsgreen project

Categories: Waste Prevention, Recycling, Biogenic fraction, Energy, Biodiversity

Organisation: Friesland Region

Localisation: Friesland (the Netherlands)


The Mienskipsgreen project aims to reach optimal valorisation of biomass stocks in the region to generate societal and ecological prosperity. Through an integrated approach, the project seeks to demonstrate that a closed biomass cycle is achievable and creates a number of benefits such as increased soil quality, reduced energy consumption and the production of valuable bio-based products.

Resource Wise strategy of the City of Jyväskylä

Categories: Governance, Strategy and Planning, Energy, Water

Organisation: City of Jyväskylä

Main partners:

Sitra, Finnish Innovation Fund

Localisation: Jyväskylä (FI)


The City of Jyväskylä implemented a strategy focused on Resource Wisdom “a scalable operating model for cities and regions to create sustainable well-being from a circular and carbon-neutral economy”. The strategy focuses on renewable energy, sustainable transport, waste as a resource, local and healthy food, valuable water and sustainable communities.

Circular economy approach of Lombardy region

Categories: Instruments, Governance, Strategy and Planning, Technical and Research, Communication and Education, Waste Prevention, Collaborative Economy, Energy

Organisation: Regione Lombardia, ARPA Lombardia

Main partners:

  • Politecnico di Milano
  • Assolombarda

Localisation: Lombardia (Italy)


The Lombardy Region implemented several actions and strategies at regional level to keep the circular economy as central element in the development of its territory. The strategy focuses on a set of regional plans that touch themes such as EU funds, environmental communication, sustainable development, engagement of SMEs, waste management. Furthermore, the Lombardy Region is partner in Eu funded projects, which foster the mainstreaming of the circular economy approach in the development of regional and local policies.

Life cycle approach by dairy farmers in Drenthe

Categories: Technical and Research, Communication and Education, Eco Design, Eco Production, Eco Consumption, Recycling, Biogenic fraction, Energy, Water, Land use, Biodiversity, Other Fractions

Organisation: Province of Drenthe

Main partners:

  • Waterboard Hunze en Aa’s
  • Boerenverstand
  • ETC
  • DSM
  • LTO-noord
  • NMFD

Localisation: Drenthe/Netherlands


A series of sustainable dairy farm projects have been implemented in the Province of Drenthe. The activities were carried out with a “life cycle approach”, aiming to support farmers in optimizing their farming system. Nutrient recycling and improving soil biodiversity were key to the approach.