Main partners:

  • La Città Verde, social cooperative
  • Impronta Etica, network of Italian companies engaged in the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • RREUSE, European network of social enterprises active in reuse, repair and recycling
  • Gruppo Hera, local utility

Localisation: Ferrara (IT)

Population: 131,841 (2012)


LOWaste project in Ferrara

Action leader(s)

Ferrara Municipality


Through the project LOWaste (Local waste market for second life products), Ferrara is experiencing a pattern of circular economy based on waste prevention, products reuse and material recycling supported by a public-private partnership framework. Starting from some pilot studies and tests, the project laid down the foundation for – and has seen the emergence of – a genuine local circular economy district with a focus on waste management in a circular economy.