Main partners:

  • ADEME Pays de la Loire (French national agency in charge of environmental and energy affairs)
  • DREAL Pays de la Loire (French State representatives in Pays de la Loire in charge of environment, land use and planning and dwelling)
  • RESECO (regional sustainable public purchasing network)
  • Ruptur
  • CERC (regional economic cell for constrution in Pays de la Loire)
  • Comité 21
  • Chambres consulaires: CCIR (commerce and industry), CRA (agriculture), CMAR (craftmanshift)

Localisation: Pays de la Loire (FR)

Population: 3,757,600 (2017)


Pays de la Loire – Regional strategy for circular economy

Action leader(s)

Pays de la Loire Region (Main remits : Transports, infrastructures including high schools, energy, and environment)


In October 2019 the Pays de la Loire region adopted a regional action plan on circular economy, based on 4 axes: framework for transition to circular economy, support to regional and local stakeholders, actions in specific sectors that are strategic for the region, and be an actor of change.